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FinTechs Empowering Farmers: Digitizing Kisan Credit Cards and Streamlining the Loan Process

India is a country where 50% of the population is largely dependent on agriculture for their...

Team SahiBnk

15 March 2024

Difference Between Your Credit Score and Credit Report

Credit score and credit report are among the most talked about topics in the world of finance and...

Team SahiBnk

3 November 2023

Why Is It Better To Take A Loan From A Bank Rather Than A Money Lender?

India is the country where most of its population depends on farming and small businesses. About...

Team SahiBnk

23 October 2023

How Does a Good Credit Score Affect Financial Decisions?

When it comes to applying for a credit card or a loan, each factor matters. And each factor plays a...

Team SahiBnk

6 October, 2023

Home Loan Prepayment, A Wise Decision?

Owning our own home is a dream of every Indian. A place where everything belongs to the self, a...

Team SahiBnk

20 September, 2023

4 Reasons Why Credit Cards Are Important For Your Financial Health

Get a credit card? A financial trap. Ask your parents or grandparents and you will get to hear...

Team SahiBnk

08 September, 2023

ABCs of Credit Scores: The Comprehensive Guide to Financial Well-Being

How was your experience when you, for the very first time, applied for a loan? Was it approved in...

Team SahiBnk

27 June, 2023

Short-Term Personal Loan Holding Your Long-Term Goals

Has it ever happened that you are at the end of your car-buying journey, suddenly your budget...

Team SahiBnk

18 April, 2023

Features Of Kisan Credit Card

There is no if and but attached to the point that agriculture is the backbone of the Indian...

Team SahiBnk

23 Febraury, 2023