Short-Term Personal Loan Holding Your Long-Term Goals

Team SahiBnk

18 April, 2023

Has it ever happened that you are at the end of your car-buying journey, suddenly your budget increases and you are left with no cash? Isn’t it scary? Or what if you have just entered your new house investing all your savings and an out-of-the-box situation pops up unannounced? That’s what we call financial emergencies which are necessary expenses that your emergency fund cannot handle but need to be addressed urgently. Thanks to the short-term personal loan, it helps you overcome urgent financial crises with its quick process and minimum documentation.

What does it require for a short-term personal loan? A good credit score and a stable income source as a salary or through self-employment. Short term personal loans come in various categories which include house renovation, medical expenses, weddings, travel, and education. Moreover, these short-term personal loans can be applied and approved instantly with online process that requires simple eligibility criteria and minimal documentation.

Home Renovation Cannot Wait For A Longer Period

Getting a new home is a long process and can wait because it needs well-planned finance. But the renovation of your existing house can sometimes become really urgent and needs a better financial ecosystem. So, while getting a home loan for a new property is a good idea for continuous cash flow, getting instant short-term personal loan for the home renovation can save you from getting into a crunch situation financially and help you maintain a better financial ecosystem. You can borrow a home improvement loan under the instant personal loan for six months to five years and set your property’s price higher.

Medical Expense Loan Can Help Your Account From Starving

When a medical emergency comes up, we look for health insurance, but not every person or family is covered under health insurance and severe emergency expenses can empty our bank accounts. At that moment, an instant personal loan is one of the best short-notice assistance that can help you even if your insurance amount is exhausted before completing the treatment. Under the medical emergency loan, you can borrow an amount anywhere between 15,000 to 5 lakhs  with tenure options starting from a few months to upto 5 years.

Wedding Loan, Your Last-Minute Savior

Handling a wedding and managing all the expenses comes with great responsibility. Unplanned and unexpected expenses at weddings can evidently make your budget go on a roller-coaster ride. So, to help you handle unforeseen expenses, SahiBnk’s instant personal loan offering proves to be the match made in heaven.

Education Loan, Because Financial Crisis Cannot Come In Between Your Education

Wondering what education loan is doing in the short-term personal loan when it has a separate category for itself? This loan here is to help you cover your academic-related stuff, like buying any equipment, taking up any extra courses, hostel fees, tuition fees for a semester, or meeting any of your academic needs. Here you can borrow an instant personal loan up to Rs. 5 lakhs with a repayment tenure of up to five years.

Travel Loan For Every Traveller

You want to travel abroad but your savings do not allow you? But what if traveling expenses do not require your savings, instead they require a stable cash flow and a good credit score? Are you still going to push your traveling plans for the unseen future? Of course not, right? So, a short-term personal loan gives your traveling more importance than your savings by offering a travel loan. The instant personal loan allows you to borrow an amount for a maximum tenure of up to 5 years. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the world!

In the short-term personal loan, you get many more categories like a loan for debt consolidation, pension loan, festival loan, bridge loan, top-up loan, and many others. You only need to be a citizen of India within the age limit of 21-60 years with a regular source of income and with at least a 600 CIBIL score. Want a personal loan instantly? Download SahiBnk app now and get instant personal loans from our trusted banking partners in just a few clicks.

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